Winning Business Team Cultures and Why They Thrive

If you want a straightforward and measurable way to unleash your company’s team success, then read this book to discover the secrets of four unique winning business team cultures and why they thrive.

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​Oliver Wendell Holmes notably said, “I'd give my right arm for the simplicity on the other side of complexity.”

“Dianne Crampton offers clarity and provides a plan that demystifies the elusive ingredients of winning team cultures—those ingredients that, until now, have prevented many good people from creating great organizations.

Larry Broughton
Founder & CEO, Broughton Hospitality
What would happen if the employees in your company cared as much about its success as you do? Would this make leadership easier for you?

This book discusses a viable alternative to the command and control business model in which managers are often mystified when their efforts to form teams fall short of the mark. It advocates an authentic team culture that effectively harnesses in the workplace the individual and collective desire to achieve remarkable results.

    • Discover what an authentic team-based culture actually looks like in the workplace – how it functions and why it works so you have a simple, clear path to success.
    • Explore how to hire the best employees -- with the right values, attitudes and abilities -- so that your team operates lean, builds business, provides superior customer service and has fun doing it.
    • Learn the team culture lessons from successful business leaders who show the path for avoiding lost productivity and costly mistakes.
    • Identify common sense behaviors that build collaboration so you can get your team on track.
“In this extraordinary book, Dianne Crampton provides every team player a concrete structure for success. Far beyond theory, TIGERS                      Among Us walks readers through the landscape of four winning teams . . . where everybody wins.A must read!”
Arthur K. Samson
Airline Captain and Leadership Trainer, Delta Airlines

TIGERS Among Us: Winning Business Team Cultures And Why They Thrive provides leaders a path for building an authentic team-based work culture.


Based on the TIGERS model of collaborative values – trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success – this book describes breakthrough practices for instilling collaboration in teams of two to hundreds.