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FREE 6 Principles That Building High Performance Teams 30 minute webinar

You are about to discover 6 Principles That Build High Performance Teams. Learn about the TIGERS 6 Principles, diagnose how to correct team performance issues and discover why agile teams efforts fail when improved collaboration is your goal. Comes with handouts and training completion certificate.  Learn More


FTIGERS Among Us Book Club Facilitator’s Tool Kit

If your goal is to build a high-functioning teams that redefines collaboration and engagement for teams or your work culture, add the TIGERS Among Us Book Club Facilitation Kit to your team development resources. Save now


Free White Paper – How to Build a Successful Work Culture

Work culture plays a significant role in all areas of business. From the organization’s brand and reputation with clients to the talent it attracts, culture is involved. So, if you have ever wondered how much behavior impacts a successful work culture, this white paper addresses this question and gives you trips and strategies for enhancing collaboration in the workplace.  Learn More


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This guide presents quantity order discounts on books for leaders who are serious about building a winning business team culture in the workplace.Go ahead, fill in your information in the space provided and join us in the TIGERS Among Us resource room.